We believe in making a positive impact in everything that we do, and that translates from our workplace to our community and to the planet as a whole. EWB Cares is the heart of our company’s mission to reach out and support our team members, while offering a helping hand in the community and making the world a better place. East West Brewing Co. is not just a place where people go to have a craft beer and a bite; here we are actively involved in our community, and like a good neighbor, we make our best efforts in making positive contributions whenever possible.

Offering a helping hand is at the embodiment of our mission, and our philanthropic areas of focus include efforts that help children and adults, education, and the environment. The community is our number one priority, because without their support, we would have no business. It is both our pleasure and communal obligation to reciprocate that support.\r\n\r\nWith that said, we plan to be involved with many different non-profit programs to give back, and ensure that the community becomes stronger as a whole. We will strive to do everything we can to fulfill this promise and help everyone we can to help and assist in making his or her lives better by creating more opportunities and sustainability. We believe that together, through our work, we are making a difference all over the world – one beer, one meal, and one experience at a time

Below are the projects and initiatives that we are currently supporting:



Provides food for the underprivileged. we would like to contribute and provide food for those in the local hospitals located here in Saigon.


Provides jobs & training in the hospitality business for the underprivileged. the mission is to train necessary involved skill sets to take with them to provide further opportunities in a career revolved around the hospitality business.


An organization that is dedicated to cleaning up local areas in Vietnam and providing awareness in maintaining a cleaner city.


Focused on nature conservation environment protection. their mission is to foster a greater understanding and communicate that to the Vietnamese public about the citizen responsibility to collectively come together and do their part in protecting nature and wildlife.have we had more signups.