EWB Events

From Kegs N’ Eggs Sunday Brunch, Wednesday Industry Nights, or Saturday Brewery Tours & Lunch, there are always eventful things happening at East West Brewery for you to enjoy and participate in having a good time.

Brewery Tours

At East West Brewing Co. we will be offering Brewery Tours where you can get a “behind the scenes” look into the action and craftsmanship behind our beers. Here you can immerse yourself in the history of the EWB brand, experience the entire craft brewing process, taste the special malts, smell the hops along with the various fresh ingredients delivered and used for our beers.

You’ll be able to visit our brewery and meet the brewer, ask questions, and tell them your opinion and so on. We brew onsite and at our location, thus you’ll be drinking the freshest beer straight from the source — our brewery.



We will also provide Brewing Classes. Spend 3 hours with our brewer to learn and develop your own recipe for your own beer. Share the beer that you created with your friends and family. We will help you bottle your beer, so you can bring your very own beer home.

Standard: 100 liters/barrel

*This is a very exclusive activity here at East West Brewing Co. and we encourage those who are interested to book well in advance because there is a lot of preparation required prior to the brewing process. Please contact sales directly and book at least 30 days in advance so that we can schedule time slots, availability, and pricing.