At East West Kitchen, we provide an elevated and sophisticated take on traditional Western and Vietnamese comfort food using only the finest quality of locally sourced ingredients. We will be delivering an international dining experience bringing together flavor influences from the East to the West.

With an innovative and traditional menu, an authentic and fresh handcrafted beer selection, and a unique barrel aging room overlooking the city, East West Brewing Co. is HCMC’s destination for both great food and great craft beers

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New Executive Chef

To call Chef Matthew Venzke bold would be an understatement. Matt is an intense and charismatic chef, and the dishes he creates possess that same energy and intensity.
Since joining East West, Matt is determined to elevate the menu, introducing many original dishes that are emphatically modern, yet pay homage to tradition.
Recently from Los Angeles, CA, USA – a hub of multicultural cuisine – Matt excels at combining ingredients from different cultures to challenge the craft beer drinker’s palette. Matt’s thirst for new inspiration has taken him around the world, broadening his knowledge, understanding, and respect for cuisine of various cultures.
At East West Brewing, Matt now seeks to leverage his experiences, crafting unique dishes with both Eastern and Western influence.
Formal Background:
With over 12 years of experience working in some of the best kitchens in Los Angeles and around the USA, Matt is a versatile and skillful chef that can truly do it all. He has also had the privilege of working inside the kitchens of a handful of Michelin Star Restaurants across the USA, where he honed his individual cooking style. After these experiences, Matt sought to take on bigger culinary challenges, like creating the culinary program for Milwaukee Wisconsin’s Lakefront Brewery.
When he isn’t in the kitchen, Chef Matt can be found playing impromptu guitar or saxophone gigs, in each of the cities he has called home. For a time, he was even a national tour manager for a few Rock n’ Roll bands! Matt has a contagious zest for life, and enjoys exploring new destinations around the world for knowledge, flavors and fun. It is during these travels that he fell in love with the culture and the people of Vietnam.
Love and live life to the fullest, eat well and rock and roll!

Matt Venzkie



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