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With the abundance of mass-produced beer brands on the market, “craft beer” is a concept that is gaining a lot of popularity. However, not everybody knows how craft beer is defined, even some devout beer lovers! So what exactly is it? The answer may be more interesting than you thought! Let’s explore this concept with East West Brewing and find out what makes a beer “craft beer”!

1. Made in small batches

bia craft la gi

East West Brewing located in Saigon

While millions of liters of mass-produced beer are always being brewed at once, craft beer is much more modestly produced. Even the biggest craft breweries only produce no more than 1000 liters each time they brew, and no more than 6 million liters per year. The motto for craft beer brewing is “quality over quantity”. Small batches assure that each batch of craft beer is truly brewed to perfection.

It’s safe to say that this is an industry driven by passion!

2. Made with diverse ingredients

Craft beer is made with diverse ingredients

Craft beer is made with diverse ingredients

Both mass-produced beer and craft beer are made with the same four basic ingredients: water, hops, malts and yeast. Although they sometimes add in some additives to increase production, mass-produced beer is quite limited when it comes to the diversity in their ingredients.

Craft beer is an entirely different story! There is a lot of creative freedom in craft beer brewing, just like in cooking. For brewers, their imagination is the only limit when it comes to what they can add to these four basic ingredients!

With their endless passion, craft beer brewers are always exploring and experimenting with different ingredients to create their own unique flavors of beer.

3. Has its own style and flavors

Some craft beer styles at East West Brewing

Some craft beer styles at East West Brewing

Each craft beer represents its brewer’s own tastes and brewing styles. Brewers have the freedom to choose from thousands of fruits, spices and herbs to use in brewing. Local influence is also a key ingredient for brewers to produce unique beer flavors that cannot be found anywhere else.

Unlike the mass-produced beer industry, the craft beer world is all about the diversity in flavors! The delicate combination or traditional ingredients, local ingredients and creativity in the brewing process makes all the difference in the world.

If you enjoy tasting and savoring beer flavors and enjoy trying new things, craft beer will surely bring you some unforgettable experiences!

4. Produced using traditional brewing methods

Technical inspection during the brewing process at East West Brewing.

Technical inspection during the brewing process at East West Brewing.

To save time and operation costs, the mass beer industry uses enzymes utilization which allows the beer to be fermented without the use of malt. In addition, commercial brewing often cuts down or modifies traditional steps in brewing to optimize their production quantity.

With these changes, it should come as no surprise that their beer quality is rarely as perfect as beer connoisseurs would have hoped!

Meanwhile, to maintain its integrity, craft beer is still being brewed with traditional brewing methods. Brewers are able to retain most of the beer’s yeast – the deciding factor in the beer’s bitterness and aroma. The fermentation period is a standard 3-6 weeks, which helps the beer achieve its optimal flavor. Equally as important is the lack of preservatives, which means that only good for a short time, but assures that the beer does not lose any of its original flavor and makes it healthier for consumers.

5. Independently produced

East West Brewing’s restaurant and in-house microbrewery

East West Brewing’s restaurant and in-house microbrewery

Craft beer is brewed in families or in small independent craft breweries. To put it simply, craft beer is beer that is not produced by a large industrial factory or a commercial beer company. The small brewing scale and lack of pressure to produce mass amounts helps craft beer retain the originality in is flavors, making it popular with beer lovers.


With all that we have talked about, it is clear that craft beer is not treated like something to simply get drunk on, but to slowly sip and savor, like a fine wine or a cocktail.

East West Brewing is proud to be one of Vietnam’s favorite choices for craft beer. Not only are we a hit among beer lovers, we are also a globally aclaimed Vietnamese beer brand with several prestigious awards.

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At East West Brewing, you can enjoy freshly made craft beers, learn about the beer brewing process and see the ingredients for yourself. You can even meet and talk to the brewers who made the beer that you are drinking!

Want an unforgettable and unique tasting experience? Visit East West Brewing now and enjoy the wonderful flavors of our beers and our wonderful atmostphere!


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