Our Story

Our mission is to artfully craft high quality beer that everyone can enjoy and we foster integrity in everything we do. Authenticity and innovation are the core foundations for the flavors in every handcrafted beer that we brew.

It begins with the search for flavor of discovering the perfect balance of taste and aroma. We integrate both European and New American brewing traditions, along with the brewing styles of Eastern cultures.

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SEAN THOMMEN – HEAD BREWER With an American head brewer on the team – Sean Thommen from Portland has had over 20 years of combined experience with crafting, from home brewing to professionally brewing. He studied in Chicago and Germany in brewing science, and began brewing professionally for over 10 years in the city of Portland, Oregon, USA; also referred to as the “Craft Beer Capitol of the World”. Sean is extremely excited to share his extensive brewing knowledge and is dedicated to advancing the craft beer culture here in Vietnam.

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With a population of over 10 million, Ho Chi Minh City is one of South East Asia’s fastest growing cities in conjunction with being Vietnam’s largest and most electrifying city. It brings life and vitality into foreign backpackers, travelers, expats, and all those who settle here.

A crowded, lively, bustling, and booming city barely scratches the surface of describing the city that is the heart of Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City.